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Period Switch

Read this guide if you provided liquidity or hold any of the FYT & PT tokens.

We're releasing a refreshed guide to period switch. There is now also a dedicated page in our FAQ - if any changes to the process will be introduced, it'll be reflected there first, followed by a Discord/Twitter notification.


APWine Protocol operates in 3-months cycles known as periods. During the period switch, some of the pools might be discontinued for various reasons like technical changes of the underlying token or pulled down for maintenance. Note that there can be several periods active at the same time.


All the information on major changes to pools will be posted via the pool-updates channel on our Discord.

💧 Liquidity Providers (LPs)#

Head over to your portfolio page -> Liquidity tab to see your all LP tokens. Here, you'll be presented with these options for each LP token:


On March 30, 2022, APWine introduced a new mechanism for liquidity providers that doesn't require LPs to additionally stake LP tokens to receive $APW rewards. However, the 'Unstake' button is still visible as users still have some LP tokens staked before March 30. If you provided liquidity after March 30, 2022 - you only need to hit the 'Claim LP' button. Those who want to continue providing liquidity need to go through the staking process again. The good news is, we are working on simplifying this process.

🕹ī¸ Principal Token (PT) holders:#

One of APWine's unique features is that PT holders get new FYT at the end of the period as PTs don't expire. Principal Tokens are being rolled to the next period and don't require any maintenance to stay in the game. You can sell your PT anytime on our native AMM. If you have any further questions, head over to our Discord and our mods will be there to assist you.

🔮 Future-Yield Token (FYT) holders:#

Head over to your portfolio page -> Future Yield tab to see your all FYT (marked as expired) tokens. From here, you're just one button click away from claiming your yield: