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Who can vote on APIRs, APGPs & APIPs ?#

  • tAPW holders = APW deposited on Tokemak (coeff x1)
  • LP APW/ETH holders = APW deposited in the Sushi LP mainnet (coeff x1)
  • veAPW holders = APW locked from 1 week to 2 years (coeff x104)

Can I delegate my proposal power ?#

Yes, it’s possible to delegate the proposal power on veAPW and tAPW only, but not on APW/ETH sushi LP yet. The delegation can be done through the delegate dashboard or Snapshot directly, and can be changed or revoked at any moment. The steps to delegate using Snapshot and the delegate presentations can be found here.

How to become a delegate ?#

Everyone can become a delegate: If you want to propose yourself, share your presentation on this thread and you’ll be added to the delegate dashboard UI.

Is my gauge power affected by my proposal power delegation ?#

No, you can delegate your proposal power and keep your gauge power. The delegation doesn’t affect the gauge power since it’s on-chain on Polygon, so not related to Snapshot voting which is off chain.

Gauge power:#

Initially, the rewards were distributed equally between the IBTs with most of the rewards on mainnet as described here. In February 2022, the DAO voted to change the distribution to gauges weights controlled by veAPW holders.

Who can vote on gauges ?#

To participate in gauges votes, APWine users need to lock their APW into a voting escrow. You can do so at this address on mainnet only: link] tAPW and APW/ETH LPs can’t vote on gauges weights, only veAPW holders.

When can I vote on gauges ?#

The gauge vote happens every week, you can vote on the app or directly on snapshot. Your vote will be saved for the coming weeks unless you change it. If you increase your voting power, it will directly add more votes on the pools you voted. You can only vote using your voting weight at the block where the proposal was created.

Can I delegate my gauge power ?#

No, you can’t delegate your gauge power for now, but you only need to vote once if you plan to vote on the same pool for several weeks.

How do I get a gauge to receive APW rewards on my IBT pools ?#

If your asset is not already listed on APWine :

  • Write an APIR on the forum for the next winelisting event
  • Fill the winelisting form If your IBT is voted on the winelisting vote, the corresponding PT/Underlying and PT/FYT will be eligible to get rewards. Several points can help to get winelisted (Add initial liquidity on the pools, add extra rewards on the app, bribe veAPW holders…).

Once done, the more veAPW vote on your IBT pools, the more reward are received for the next week.

If your IBT is already winelisted on APWine, it’s already eligible for APW rewards.