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Governance framework#

The DAO governs the protocol by voting on the decisions. The proposals are currently discussed on the governance forum and voted using Snapshot.

In order to have qualitative discussions and decisions, a governance framework was voted here and updated here, splitting the proposals in 3 different categories with different duration and quorums, however each of these proposal types requires a post on the governance forum at least 48h before posting on Snapshot.

APIR (APWine Integration Request)#

  • New IBTs integrations to APWine
  • DAO/Contracts Whitelisting to lock APW tokens
  • Partnership requests

A template is available on the forum to help projects to easily apply (and fill the form for the technical requirements) Voting duration : 3 days Quorum : 5%

APGP (APWine Governance Proposal)#

  • Treasury allocation strategy & budgets
  • APW pools liquidity mining updates
  • Grant programs
  • Contributors/Dao committees rewards
  • Long term partnerships (i.e Dao Swaps)

The APGP framework can be found here. Voting duration : 5 days Quorum : 10%

APIP (APWine Improvement Protocol)#

  • New version of the protocol
  • Modification of a smart contract
  • Updates on the initial parameters
  • Modification of the governance framework
  • Add/Remove a signer on the treasury multisigs
  • Protocol fees activation / update

The APIP framework can be found here. Voting duration: 7 days Quorum: 15%